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Scope Of Work

  1. In the event of any error should be corrected
  2. Register and evaluate preventive routine maintenance that ensures the correct functioning of the Gensel and ensures its readiness to run on load to feed the emergency panel in case of the main power
  3. Check the operator’s Log for any abnormalities & highlight any
  4. Check the engine lubricating oil level each visit and replace it every 250 hours/60days
  5. Check the cooling system coolant
  6. Check the Genset protection devices on the 8th visit
  7. Check the condition and the tension of all drive belts and replace them if
  8. Check the condition of the battery/its charger as well as the battery/its Check the controller events history and conflrm that all parameters (Voltage, Frequency, etc) are in good condition and as per standards.
  9. Check and change the tappet cover gasket if
  10. Change the oil fllter/s every 250 hours/60days that are suitable for the mining
  11. Change fuel fllter/s every 250 hours/60days that are suitable for the mining
  12. Change the Air Filter, Fan belt & Tappet Cover Gasket every 1000 hours (as per Table 1)
  13. Clean the crankcase breather
  14. Clean the air fllter/s each visit and replace them once it’s
  15. Lubricate the cooling fan & alternator
  16. Inspect the coolant hoses and clips for any
  17. Inspect the engine AVMs (Anti Vibration mountings) on the 8th
  18. Inspect the engine valve
  19. Run the generator for 15 minutes, monitor all parameters, and log all the failures on the preapproved observation form.
  20. While the Genset is running check vibration, and rotation, and identify the smoke
  21. Remedy any situation that leads to disruptions and failures of facilities by performing the needed corrective maintenance, such intervention includes but is not limited to labor work hours and the materials to detect the cause of the disruption or failure and restore operation to the
  22. Drawing up a diagnostic review of major and/or frequent
  23. In case of any breakdown, we will provide on-call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in case the breakdown is not in the Genset the intervention will be chargeable however if the issue is related to Genset the intervention will be free of
  24. Client confirmation if Time basis regular maintenance will be coming, Client shall be informed 2 days before for preparation
  25. We will provide 2 person qualified Technicians.